Every space protected through the QEII Fields Challenge receives two signs. These are yours to display on your protected site so that people will always know that it is preserved in perpetuity.

One is the heraldic plaque and the other is a green perspex sign.




The heraldic plaque is made from cast aluminium with either an acrylic cover (for wall mountings) or anodised (for ground mountings). It is 40 cm in diameter with an unique commemorative design, created for the QEII Fields Challenge.

The green Perspex sign is the size of an A4 piece of paper.

How do you get yours?

Once the legal documents for a site’s protection have been signed by both the landowner and ourselves, we will email the landowner a plaque order form. Once this has been returned to us, we place your plaque order and delivery will take approximately 4 working days. The perspex sign will also be ordered once your legal deeds are completed. There’s no order form for this one though, you will just receive it automatically.

If you need your plaque for a specific date or event, please contact us and we will try to ensure you receive it for that date.

What should you do with it?

Our professional advice is to set your plaque in a wall mounting to ensure longevity. This includes fitting into boulders.

If you want to set it into the ground, just make sure it’s at an angle so that rainwater doesn’t stand on it.

Some examples of plaques in situ:

Plaque in Wood Plaque set in stone Plaque in stone tower
Plaque at park entrance
 Plaque in Boulder  Plaque on wall with ribbon  Plaque unveiling



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